About us

We design websites mobile apps web applications to fit your needs.

We started Atarnia to make the internet better.

We deliver beautiful, functional products, which are easy to use and highly scalable.

Who we are

We design and code web & mobile, applications & sites for customers worldwide. We use the newest technologies, UX patterns and methodologies.

Through years of experience in the fields of programming, design and IT management we have gained the ability to create software that grows with your business.

We cooperate with the best IT professionals, therefore no task is too big for us to take. We fulfil our mission by publishing open source software and contributing to the community by organizing and taking part in programming conferences.

Atarnia founders

Michał Karzyński

Systems architect

GitHub Twitter Linkedin
  • 8 years programming Python (Django, Flask)
  • 6 years programming JavaScript (ExtJS, AngularJS, EmberJS)
  • 14 years running on Unix and Linux
  • author
  • blogger

Irek Żuchowski

Lead developer

Facebook Linkedin
  • 8 years web development experience
  • 3 years programming Python and JavaScript (Django, Angular)
  • 7 years running on Linux
  • UX designer
  • E-learning expert